Valuation of real estate assets is done mainly by two methods; “Sales Comparison Method” and “Discounted Cash Flows Method”. This service is generally required by banks, financial institutions or the PE Funds. However, it is also quite useful in the case of designing joint ventures or solving property disputes. Property owners can make use of this service to assess the achievable rental or sale price of their property. For the comfort of our clients, Ariston has Government registered valuers on its panel.

Determining the present MARKET VALUE as well as the POTENTIAL VALUE of the project

  • To assess the achievable rentals or sale price of a property
  • To resolve property disputes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, disposal and buyout
  • Company restructuring
Sales Comparison Method
This method is used for determining the present market value of the project by comparing its worth with the present values of projects nearby.

Discounted Cash Flow Method
This method is used for determining the Potential Value of the project by calculating the NPV of the future value of the project.