Strategy Consulting

This service is highly recommended to the new entrants in the real estate industry. A comprehensive business plan is prepared keeping in mind the equity holding of the client. This study is done working closely with the client. In fact we welcome the client to be a part of the team executing the assignment. The debt requirement is gauged as accurately as possible and appropriate measures are recommended to raise the funds also. Ariston takes good care of its client even after the business plan is prepared and submitted by giving a whole hearted post assignment support. We take every opportunity to present our work to the potential financers and lenders and create win-win conditions to initialise the union.

Strategy Consulting involves preparing a comprehensive business plan for the projects, finding solutions to existing business problems and training the company staff to execute all day-to-day operations effectively. This service is highly recommended to new entrants in the industry.

  • To improve sales figures
  • To increase market penetration
  • To maximize returns from investments
  • Value addition for improving staff efficiency
  • To design appropriate JV models
Ariston Advisory performs the Strategy consulting by redesigning the Marketing Strategies, Administrative Strategies, Management Strategies and Financial Strategies of the client for improving its brand value in the industry.