Market Research

Ariston excels in customised primary research designed specifically to suit the precise requirement of the client. The client specifies the various parameters based on which the research can be carried out. These parameters can be sector specific (residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, IT/ITes, SEZ, industrial), location specific and also some other intangible factors like demand supply scenario, consumer psychographics, end user preferences, best market practices etc. Besides secondary sources, Ariston stresses on primary research and personal interviews to understand the dynamics of the market better.

A market research is conducted for analysing customers’ demands and expectations in a particular target segment , competition or environment. The data collection is done by using either Primary sources (Direct from the market) or Secondary sources (Internet, Brokers etc.)

  • To test the market acceptance
  • To gauge the demand of the product
  • To customize a product as per market requirements
Ariston Advisory performs market research by identifying the appropriate customer base followed by analysing market competition, demand supply dynamics, consumer psychographics, socio economic pattern and demographics of the target segment.