Location Suitability Analysis

This study is a special tool for both investors and end users to determine the ideal location for their investments/ operations. A customised suitability matrix is developed to cater to the client’s specific purpose and with the help of our expert market research team, the finest location is converged upon. This study can be as microscopic as simply considering one region in a particular city to being as macroscopic as scrutinising options in the entire country.

Location analysis is performed to determine the ideal location for starting a new project. This tool helps both investors and end users to locate appropriate site for their investments/operations.

  • For selection of appropriate site for the project
  • For selection of key locations to set up the operations
Ariston advisory performs location analysis by identifying various possible locations in a market segment followed by calculating weighted average mean of various factors including Land Availability, Catchment Analysis, Micro Market Demographics, Achievable pricing, Competition profiling and Absorption Scenario.