Development Options Study

This study is similar to the feasibility study, however; it is done in case the client is not sure of what he ought to develop on the plot of land. A step by step filtration process is carried out and finally the most suited development option is proposed. There are various factors that need to be considered while carrying out this study i.e. the legal permissibility, demand supply dynamics and most importantly the financial feasibility. The option which gives the maximum returns is recommended. The client benefits tremendously from the professional experience of Ariston and is able to maximise his profits from the land parcel.

A development options study analyses various development options and filters them according to their legal permissibility, demand supply dynamics and financial feasibility. The options which gives maximum returns is recommended.

To take following key management decisions:
  • To determine appropriate product mix
  • To determine the ideal size of the project
  • To maximize returns from the project
Ariston advisory prepares development options study by suggesting most suitable product mix among various available options. While preparing feasibility report for the suggested product mix, Ariston calculates investments required during construction and marketing phase of the project, and also suggests achievable revenues in the future.