Advantage Ariston

  • Quality of work is at par with the industry. The team associated with the company has a prior experience with prominent real estate and consulting firms. So the quality of the deliverables remains in accordance with the industry standards.

  • Ariston maintains an exhaustive database in the field of real estate (pan India). This assists the consulting team in their analysis and financial projections to a higher degree of precision.

  • Post assignment support is promised to our distinguished clients. Ariston is very pro active in grabbing the honour of presenting its work to any third party that our client directs us to. None of our esteemed competitors provide this service.

  • The professional charges are guaranteed to be the least in the market. In the event of a disparity, Ariston would be pleased to offer a 10% discount on the competing quote without compromising on the quality or scope of work. The client, however, would be requested to share a copy of the competing proposal.

  • Ariston is proud of its highly qualified assets. Majority of the employees have graduated from IITs - the most prestigious technical institutes of India.

  • In order to maintain the highest standards of quality assurance, Ariston hires resources from diversified backgrounds and has made conscious efforts in delivering projects across various cities and of varied nature